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深圳机场附近哪儿停车便宜 深圳机场停车费

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024



去深圳宝安机场T3航站楼接人的话,可以选择停在P1、P2室内停车场,这样比较方便。 P1、P2停车场位于T3航站楼的GTC(地面交通中心)内,距离T3航站楼比较近,可以通过GTC东侧13号门、14号门和西侧16号门、17号门到达。

深圳宝安机场T3航站楼GTC(地面交通中心)是一个地上三层建筑,部分地下是地铁,首层是停车库、设备用房等,二层、三层是公共空间和商业区。 GTC楼外有P1、P2、P3三个社会停车场,其中P1、P2是室内停车场,P3是露天停车场。















Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2013

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Leading Brands Outperform MSCI China Index

– Brands are becoming more important to Chinese consumers and businesses
– Technology brands see biggest rise
– Chinese brands strengthen overseas presence

BEIJING, CHINA — The third annual BrandZ? Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands study, commissioned by WPP and undertaken by Millward Brown, is released today. This year’s ranking shows that brands are becoming more important to the Chinese consumer. Despite a challenging economic environment, strong brands outperformed their competitors and the broader stock market.

China is not immune to the global economic environment, and this year the total value of the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands fell to US$320,224 million, down 1.6 percent on 2012. Despite this, brands continued to grow in importance. The BrandZ Top 50 Brands Portfolio outperformed the MSCI China Index, by 11.4 percent as of September 2012.

This year, China Mobile retains the number one spot in the rankings with a brand value of US$50,589 million. Leading financial institutions also continue to head up the rankings – with ICBC and China Construction Bank in positions two and three respectively.

China’s technology brands have seen tremendous growth, as Chinese consumers spend even more time – and money – on Internet and mobile platforms. Baidu has moved up two positions to number four and Tencent has moved from position 10 to number five.

China’s private sector and entrepreneurs are seeing growing success in building Chinese brands, with the share of non-State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the Top 50 rising to 27 percent from 22 percent in 2011.

David Roth, CEO The Store, WPP said: “As the growth rate of the Chinese economy slows, brands become a more important discriminator of consumer choice. As this study shows, strong brands help Chinese companies grow faster. This is set to accelerate as the Chinese economy rebalances. This, combined with the requirement for more Chinese companies to be successful overseas, will drive the necessity for creating strong Chinese brands as a critical factor for success.”

Adrian Gonzalez, Head of Greater China, Millward Brown said: “Building strong brands domestically is a vital template for the increasing number of Chinese brand owners exploring international markets. This year’s BrandZ Top 50 gives an insight into how an expanding group of privately-owned Chinese brands are growing value by meaningfully differentiating their brands.” (more…)