Where is Google voice-powered search?

Posted by Desiree Everts? from cnet.com

Reporters were put into a frenzy this week when Google announced it was set to launch version two of its mobile search application for the iPhone which included the addition of voice-powered search, allowing you skip the keyboard altogether. But now the question is, where is it?

My colleague Josh Lowensohn reported on the application on Thursday, and duly noted on Friday afternoon that it still wasn’t available in Apple’s App Store. But as of Saturday afternoon, the application was still MIA. A search on the App Store returned only the older version of the Google Mobile App.

According to The New York Times, Google planned to release the free application through the iTunes Store “as soon as Friday.” The application, an update to Google Mobile App, is meant to allow you to talk into your phone, ask any question, and the results of your query will then be offered up on your iPhone.

One reason for the delay could be that it has been bogged down by Apple’s App Store approval process, which can take days or even months. Indeed, the Google Earth app for the iPhone took several days to appear in the App Store after its release. And Buzzd CEO Nihal Mehta noted that it took three months for his company’s application to arrive in the App Store after it had been submitted. In other words, it’s difficult for third-party developers to determine exactly when the application is going to be made available.

Perhaps from now on, when developers release an iPhone app, they’ll learn to add a caveat that while the application has technically been released, it may take several days or even longer for it to actually show up in the App Store.

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