Obama Supporters Without a Cause

President-Elect Transition Team Grapples With Maintaining Pre-Victory Support

Nov. 15, 2008

There were throngs of fans, an army of supporters and a sea of volunteers working, sacrificing much of their lives to help Barack Obama emerge victorious from the presidential election.

When he won, it was pure exhilaration. But now what?

“Honestly, the next day there was a little bit of a deflation,” Obama volunteer Zeba Khan told “Good Morning America,” “like we were down a little.”

Khan, 28, is one of a number of Obama activists who have found themselves at a loss. Their mission accomplished, there is no longer that cause to throw their enthusiasm behind.

“It became my life,” said Khan, who knocked on doors in Ohio and even set up a Web site to solicit support from Muslim Americans. “It literally was.”

The Obama campaign built an unprecedented network of support, which included an e-mail list with 10 million names and cell phone numbers, had 3 million donors and 1.5 million active volunteers.

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