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Staples and Dell partner together in recycling

Free, easy and responsible recycling is the centerpiece of our consumer program. Around the globe, we offer programs that allow for the free return of all Dell-branded equipment. In addition, Dell has convenient programs that accept any make or model of computer, monitor, printer or peripheral.


Dell offers customers free donation programs for unwanted functional computers in a number of markets. You can donate your used or unwanted computer to the National Cristina Foundation??to help disabled and economically disadvantaged children and adults in your own community. The foundation will pick up your computer at your door and put it to good use in your community. We’ll even give you a 10 percent discount off your next software or peripheral purchase with Dell. Visit? learn more.

How to donate with NCF:

  • Identify if this is your first time donating
  • Select if you are a corporate donor or an individual donor
  • Fill out the donor submission form with your contact information
  • Select if you are donating a full system or an individual item and your knowledge level of the system or part
  • A recipient organization, most always in your area, will be in touch to arrange for drop-off or pick-up of the used equipment at your convenience.
  • When your donation is received by the designated organization, you will get a receipt to keep for your records for your potential tax deduction, and an online coupon for 10% off select Electronics & Accessories online purchase to be redeemed on the Dell Home Systems Electronics & Accessories website.


You can also recycle your computer. Dell offers several environmentally-responsible ways to dispose of outdated computer equipment. We accept any brand of computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor or printer. Our Reconnect??program with Goodwill offers consumers free recycling for any brand computer equipment at one of over 1,000 donation centers in the U.S. In 2007, Dell recovered more than 100 million pounds (46 million kilos) from through worldwide recycling programs (a 20 percent increase over 2006). Visit? learn more.

We also partner with Staples to allow you to recycle your Dell computer, printer, monitor or peripheral items for free at any of Staples’ 1,500 U.S. stores. We make it easy for you to help improve the environment, so easy that we’ll even come to your front door. Learn more about recycling at Staples?.

Recycle Now.


Expand your purchasing power through the Dell Exchange trade-in program. With a few simple clicks, you can exchange unwanted electronics for a Dell gift card while making sure they don’t end up in a landfill. Visit to learn more.

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