3G Wi-Fi Routers Get Smaller, Sexier

Novatel’s new MiFi — gets smaller, offers storage
10:28AM Saturday Dec 13 2008 by Karl Bode

Portable 3G to Wi-Fi routers have been around for a while, allowing you to share your 3G connection while on the move — assuming you don’t bump into your 3G carrier’s monthly cap.

The devices are certainly getting smaller and sexier — Novatel’s MiFi getting oodles of press this week for being quite the looker. The device, set to be released early next year for less than $200, offers HSDPA and EVDO to Wi-Fi bridging with a battery that can handle up to 4 hours of use (and 40 hours of standby).

The device should differentiate itself from competitors because of its microSD slot, and the fact it has some server capabilities — at least according to the press release.

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